Comic Book Review: Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-tacular One Shot!

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When Slack Jaw decided to hire me I thought I made it big….finally my big break into reviewing comic books! I get to read books and then complain about them! Then they got angry at me and told me to stop hacking their website and posting stuff, such as this one little one shot that Duff sent me against my will: Garbage Pail Kids: Puke-tacular!

Released in 1985, these disgusting creatures were cards meant to parody the Cabbage Patch Kids because the 80’s had nothing better to do. Now it’s 2014 and we now get a one shot comic book with 6 different stories, we have a parody about a fat kid and a guy in a bunny suit hunting for nerd stuff at a comic-con, we have two super hero twins who are in a crap taking (literally) contest and they drowned the world in poop, we have a parody of the Thing crapping bricks, How to be a Garbage Pail kid 101, and then another story on stealing a comic book.

Peter Bagge, Bill Wray, Shaun Manning, Vito Delsante and Dean Haspiel, Joe Simko, and Jeff Zapata (this is in order of the storys listed above) all do the various writings on each story, and my god is it disgusting! What is wrong with people! It’s so immature and just plain goofy that it’s almost intriguing enough to read if you’re a small child or even a psychopath.

As for the art work: Hilary Barta, Peter Bagge, Mike Pingitore, Vito Delsante and Dean Haspiel, Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata (yea most of the writers do their own art) all have pretty decent art work, it’s simple and crude all the way through and each one has it’s own little charm and fits with the dynamics of each story…from dramatic all the way to your basic line drawings.

In the end I wasn’t a fan of Garbage Pail Kids, and I probably never will be…however this book will bring back memories to old readers and also give immature children something to gross out about.