Comic Book Review: Flash Rebirth #1

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DC Comics, Artist: Carmine Di Giandomenico, Writer: Joshua Williamson, 32 Pages

We continue our Rebirth with some good old fashion Flash! The fastest man alive is no longer responsible for this hiccup in the DC Universe Time Line…because remember New 52 is an alternate universe and theirs Constantine and there is a bunch of other things…anyway Flash Rebirth!

First we open up with a small recap of Barry Allen’s life, his mother was killed by Zoom in a revenge of Barry being The Flash, also Barry is the forensic scientist that is working a case that is identical to how is mothers was..yes the husband being accused of murdering the mother and the kid witnessing the whole thing. While Barry is investigating he starts having visions of his past lives, so he does the best thing and runs. Oh and someone we haven’t seen in a very long time informs him of everything before Flashpoint and tells him to not do New 52 and everyone has forgotten what happened…what can it all mean!? We also see a brand new Villain!

Flash Rebirth is essentially again just getting rid of the New 52 and bringing back everything before Flashpoint. However, I rather enjoyed this one, the art style is beautiful and gets your blood pumping with the bright colors and all the Speed force effects flying around..if that makes sense. The fact that we get to see a whole new villain is kind of neat, personally I feel like this one ties everything together a lot better then the other Rebirths so far.