Comic Book Review: FireBrat: The True Meaning of Christmas

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Alright everyone, yes we have been covering a lot of independent stuff lately and I’m excited to announce that we get an exclusive first look review of the upcoming Christmas Graphic Novel…yes, Christmas. Graphic. Novel. In the middle of March, Firebrat: The True Meaning of Christmas, and sadly it is not about the bug.

Firebrat starts off with a lovely tale of The Christmas Unicorn and seeing and believing with your heart, could you imagine if Politicians did something like that? We are introduced to a young girl named Becky, who is being raised by her father. Becky is told to go to bed but of course she puts up a fight and wants to continue watching, The Christmas Unicorn, Becky goes to bed but is quickly taken away by a magical elf to board a magical train with some other kids (Nate, Red, and Mugsy) to guessed it, Santa Clause, because writing a story about kidnapping is always better with magic, elves and trains.

At first glance, you might consider this book compared to Polar Express and that is a fair comparison as it does draw a bit of influence in the beginning of Firebrat. But what sets this book apart from Polar Express and other Christmas specials is the over the top portrayal of what Christmas truly is, we go to all these lengths to cast the illusion of what Christmas is really about but completely miss the point entirely with big corporate media. Just to warn you, for those parents looking to pick this book up for a great Christmas read to your children, then get ready to crush their hopes and dreams you horrible parent you.

FireBrat is a hilarious parody of the spirit of Christmas, Mike Rosen creates the world that pulls from a vast array of Christmas myths and squishes them together into good clean over the top fun. But what really brings the book together is the message it delivers and the biggest twist ending I have ever seen in a long time in a Christmas Special.

One of the biggest aspects of this book is its adorable classic artwork, Rosen draws like a classic newspaper almost Calvin and Hobbs like an inspiration to make the book feel like a children’s book, but turning the pages you’re slowly descended into the dark depressing stages of Christmas. It is rather nice to see someone embracing the comic strip art style that we have not seen in a rather long time (at least that I know of.)

Finally, A Christmas Story for those of us who know that it is all just a giant sham. Firebrat is a book to add to your collection if you are into the comedic gag humor comics and also a fan of Christmas Specials that are created before their time. I would recommend Firebrat just for the sake of appreciating a book so silly and over the top, that it fills you with great joy and depression!

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