Comic Book Review: Faith #1

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I fought GingerBats! for Faith #1 because it’s been on my radar since the dawning of time, but then when we got into the scuffle she ended up winning and I passively aggressively made her feel bad…and that’s how we became best friends! Anyway, here’s Fatih #1

We open up with our lovely slightly heavy hero Faith or known as Zephyr waking up to a couple admitting that they are an assassin and a arms dealer, because super heroes always stumble onto the greatest stuff ever, of course she’s on her own from Harbingers and ready to live in L.A as a regular solo crime fighter, and how does she do that? She gets a job as a “journalist” in the entertainment department..on Zipline  which is all just clickbait stuff…god I hate clickbait. We meet some of her friends and she explains how her life is in L.A. she talks to some guy and rescues some puppies from some puppy nappers. All in the days work of Faith!

I don’t think I’ve ever not liked a Valiant title. Faith #1 is solid as a slice of life easy going super hero read, it’s really just a story about how she’s doing since the events of Book of Death and The Valiant (I think that’s what it was called.) Which brings me to believe this series will be a great read for people who want to break into comic books, it’s easy to pick up like all Valiant titles, it’s her first issues as a 4 part series, and Jody Houser brings Faith as one of the most optimistic super heroes ever. But lets also not forget Francis Portela’s art work which is fantastic to look at and totally Valiant.

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