Comic Book Review: Fade Out #3

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Have you ever woke up one day and found a co-worker dead? No? Have you ever woke up and found a co-worker dead and you couldn’t remember what happened the previous night? No? Have you ever…no? Well, alright we can go ahead and review Fade Out issue 3.

When a movies star ends up dead with Charlie having no idea what happened things take a turn for the worst. But issue three takes it to the next step where it turns out theirs a darker issue going on in this twisted world they called “Hollywood Life.” Fade Out #3 follows Maya, a girl who replaces the deceased Val from the first issue as the leading actress, we discover that Maya was originally the runner up for the lead role in the big movie but was beaten by Val. Maya, is now trying to figure out how she can prove herself better than Val as her stardom life soon kicks off.

Brubaker writes an interesting story as the focus of each issue isn’t focused around the central murder of Val, but rather focuses around each individual character and reveals each key part of who truly killed the would be actress. When reading Fade Out it’s nice to see a book try this dynamic instead of cramming every character into one book like most, this gives the story a breath of fresh air and lets on character sit out while another takes the spot light, which in return fleshes them all out respectively.

Sean Phillips art work still manages to keep it’s in a 40’s style tone with its dark colors and interesting shadowing, kind of like you’re sitting watching an old 40’s movie…except reading it instead. Though the art manages to continue to be easy on the eye making it easier to read and look at.

Look for Fade Out Issue 3 in stores today!

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