Comic Book Review: Extremity #1

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Blood, guts, destruction, evil destructive power, more blood and guts. Is there any restrictions on what Image will not allow to slip through the cracks? Well, I’m glad they don’t yet because Extremity #1 is another book that Image comics fans can add to their pull!

Thea, is her tribes greatest artist…or was until they were attacked by a Tribe known as the Paznina, Thea’s mother was killed during the attack, but that is no big deal as Thea is more concerned about her missing arm which prevents her from drawing. All is quiet at their tribe until her father comes and informs her that they are leading an attack on the mighty Paznina with her less of a brother Rollo!

Extremity I grabbed as the cover attracted me and honestly it is okay if you want a quick and pretty simple read. The story is something we’ve seen plenty of times before but in away that is what keeps its charm, if anything Mike Spicer’s nitty gritty art work will keep you interested with his designs and stunning colors will make you want to continue reading. That being said Daniel Warren Johnson sets the stage a little slow but still enough to wonder what will happen next in the near future.

I can say give this book a chance if anything else for the sheer fact that Image has been coming out with a lot of great series (Curse Words, God Country, Cannibal.) Will this series be able to play with the big boys or will it crash and burn out in issue 2? Personally, I want it to do well as it has me intrigued!


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