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Titan Comics is totally kicking ass with their releases. Black Dragon, Johnny Nemo and Tank Girl should be enough to keep these guys on any comic nerds radar. It seems like everything they are releasing is solid and then there’s The Evil Within (adapted from the video game of same title). As the old saying goes:  All good things must come to end.


The Evil Within starts with Dana posting missing person’s flyers for sister (apparently she’s missing). She ends up lost and has no signal on her phone and finds an empty diner.  Instead of getting the hell out of there she investigates further, runs into horribly disfigured monsters, then some dude named Paul. Paul and Dana avoid getting turned into a late night snack and end up in a crazy alternate dimension place and then the big scary guy from the cover chases them….Blah blah blah…

I fucking love The Evil Within video game. It’s a white knuckle, survival horror game that I have been anticipating all year. Sadly the comic adaptation did nothing to help this enthusiasm I have for the game. If anything it helped settle it. The Evil Within (comic) is a standard, uninspired cash-in. It’s generic story and confusing panel layouts (not sure if that was intentional, but it was, at times, hard to follow) make easily forgettable. Don’t let the Ben Templesmith cover fool you (Yes, that Templesmith) The Evil Within has nothing more to offer than name recognition. Just stick to the video game. It has more than enough going on to satisfy your horror needs.


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