Comic Book Review: Evil Ernie: Godeater #1

In Comic Books, Dynamite by Iron Squid3 Comments

Just going to put this out here, I have NO idea what Evil Ernie is, I’m familiar with the character in that he has been around since Lady Death. But other than that I picked this out of Dynamite since I wanted to explore! So lets take a look:

We open up with a guy beating up a woman named Amberlee, who I assume is the guys wife. All of sudden the woman turns into an Angel and then we cut to our main character Ernest or Evil Ernie if you are a title dropper! He’s driving down the road with his good pal smiley button..Smiley! Anyway, Hell contacts him and informs him that his true destiny is awaiting him! So…a bunch of zombies rise and he fights them..hehe.

Evil Ernie: Godeater I have really nothing to say about it except: it is fast paced horror and kind of confuses you if you’re not to familiar with the lore which I’m not. I can’t make to many complaints because I’m not one hundred percent on what the heck is truly going on. So I will say this…if you’re an Evil Ernie fan then you’ll probably enjoy it or not, as for me..I have really no comment.

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