Comic Book Review: Eternal, One Shot

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Okay, everyone, I am back in the saddle of writing reviews, I promise to deliver the lowest…I mean highest of content this year. Today we shall take a look at Ryan K Lindsay’s new one-shot title from Black Mask studios: Eternal.

Eternal follows Vif and her army of shieldmaidens, as they head to defeat an evil sorcerer named Bjarte. But once Vif takes his life, things turn into a ghostly adventure…I’ll see myself out.

Praise onto Eternal as a powerhouse of female concurring! It’s a gorgeous adventure and who better than to tell this tale than Ryan K. Lindsay(Deer Editor, Beautiful Canvas) and Eric Zawadzki (The Dregs.) Our hero Vif is written strong and brutal, she’s not written as just a female, she’s written as a warrior, which is a nice change of pace. Although I can say I would like them to go slightly more into character development, at the same time when they are on the battlefield slaying, you just want to watch them pillage and concur and that’s good enough for me.

I’ll say that Eric Zawadzski is on point with his artwork, the way he draws makes you feel emersed into the folklore of the Shieldmaidens, everything in this title is beautiful and incredibly pleasing to look at, sometimes just the simplest of things drawn look beautiful. The gore…well the gore is just wonderful.

With what I have read from Ryan K. Lindsay, his work gets better and better and grows over time, and that is something I’ve always admired from him. Eric Zawadzki is the perfect person to pair with to tell this story. For the record as well, Ryan always attempts to write various genres of comics and that’s fantastic as it allows for every story in their noggins to be told!

Check out Eternal (One Shot) coming this month, to a comic shop near you!