Comic Book Review: The Empty #1

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Does your life not really have any meaning to it? Valentines day is coming up, yea know that day where you have to be extra loving to your significant other because the jewelry stores need to sell some stuff! Well, luckily this year you can give your lover the best gift ever…and it’s a comic book called: Empty #1.

Our story unfolds with a young woman named Tanoor hunting with her Fox..antalope..thingy, we are informed that the planet is infected by these evil Roots that emit poison gas that kills everything that breathes it in leaving their entire planet a wasteland, kind of like MTV. As Tanoor leaves to hunt more she finds a strange creature that kind of looks like those aliens from Star Wars…you know the ones. Her name is Lila and she has the ability to grow crops, for some reason she was casted from her world to Tanoors. How will the Elder of Tanoors village take this new life form being discovered?…I’ll give you a hint: He’s kind of a tool.

The Empty is pretty good for a first issue, Jimmie Robison does all the leg work in this book with the art being really bizarre yet creative in all sense of the word. The story itself is pretty straight forward which makes it easy to follow unlike some newer title that are out there…looking at you Nameless. The Empty is defiantly a great Image title that should be read by everyone…except Bub..he can’t read.

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