Comic Book Review: Ellie Moonbeard and The Seekers of Shine

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Ellie Moonbeard a new comic by Joesph Bradford (Angeli Arbitrium) published by TikiGod Comics was a delight to read.  Joseph Bradford describes this tale of Star Wars Meets the Goonies.

I am inclined to agree. It is a fun story and an easy read.  The first issue entitled “The Boy” has three parts to it.  It has everything a kid like me could want.  Battles in space, aliens, talking robots and, I must say my favorite, Elvis.  That’s right boys and girls the Hunk a Hunk a King himself.  What could possibly go wrong with that?


Maybe some aliens who reaaaallly don’t want you in their space perhaps?

The story is solid and enjoyable to read.  At 68 pages long, it does not seem like it when you read it and by the time you finish, it leaves you wanting more.

This is one for kids big and small, young and old.  If you are like me and grew up with ‘The Goonies’ and ‘Star Wars’ (Original Trilogy), then you will absolutely love this.


The art work is done by Nico Selma (S.H.O.O.T.  First and Tomb Raider) and published by Dark Horse Comics,

is nothing short of fantastic.  Beautifully drawn and inked by an amazing artist.  TikiGod chose wisely with these two at the helm and all things are possible.


If this is just the beginning, I cannot wait to see the rest. I am going to wait patiently, until our friends at TikiGod Comics are kind enough to send the next and I’m sure amazing issue.

Elli Moonbeard is available and ripe for the picking.  Check your local Comic Stop for availability and if they don’t have it, make them get it.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

I would not tell you otherwise, so do yourself and your kids a favor and pick it up today.


Thank you TikiGod for allowing us to review this fabulous first issue.


Until next time,






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