COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Dynamite Comics — Grumpy Cat/Garfield, Volume 1, #1

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I fucking love cats, okay?! Dynamite Comics, Grumpy Cat/Garfield, Volume 1, #1, spoke to me from the comic book shelves so I had to pick up this duel cartoon cat joint.

If you are behind the times or maybe really young, and don’t know who these cats are, you are briefly introduced to Garfield, and Grumpy Cat in the first few pages of the book. You see the sarcastic side of Garfield picking on the unbelievably gullible Odie by throwing his stick in the bed of a speeding truck to fetch. You also see a scene play out with Grumpy Cat with being woken from a nap to play and pretty much being a real jerk about the notion of play. Both of these scenes are stand alone until you see both the kitties napping and listening to a quick news report about something they don’t agree with about how dogs are way better than cats. How dare this report! There is a series of sarcastic remarks from both Garfield and Grumpy Cat in trade offs for the reader while the report drones on featuring a guy from a pet company. Then, of course, in typical cat fashion, they both go back to napping.

We find out that the pet company that they guy on the report is the head of, has developed an evil way to train cats to act like dogs. The hell you say! We see a couple of spies bring in photos of who they belive would be good case studies for the program. You guessed it. Garfield and Grumpy Cat are the lead contenders to become trained to act like loyal, and loveable dogs. The plot thickens when the pet company owner tells the spies to bring the cats back to the lab.

Back to the Garfield camp where we see Odie coming back from a long journey from retrieving his stick from that speeding truck. Of course, this gag is played out again by Garfield actually mailing his stick away and telling Odie to fetch it. As we are coming down from that joke, we see the spies zeroing in on their unsuspecting targets. Some pretty solid Garfield jokes being lazy and loving lasagna are tossed our way, the spy even uses the ‘ol giving away free lasagna trick to get Garfield to answer the door. The spy grabs Garfield and throws him in an oversized sack while Odie witnesses the whole cat-napping. Odie is a loyal dog and follows the spy to try to get back his frenemy.

Back to the Grumpy Cat camp, where we see a sky trying to get Grump Cat to the door. Grumpy Cat is still napping and refuses to even think about walking towards the door. We see the roommate cat talk to the spy where he tricks the cat into thinking that Grumpy Cat won a large sum of money. There’s an exchange of ‘who cares’ from Grumpy Cat when it comes to money, and the other cat throws down some epic plans for the money including a mansion and a pool. As soon as the other cat mentions Grumpy Cat can have his own room, interest is peaked. Grumpy Cat is tricked and goes to the door to get cat-napped.

Inside the pet corporation, we see the spys put Grumpy Cat and Garfield in the same room to hold them there until they can start to perform the training to make them into loyal dog-like pets. This is where the two cat meet. Finally.

Okay, I know that this book is mostly for kids, but still. The story to get to the meeting of the two cats was a bit long for me. I feel like the switching back and forth from the cat’s lives might be a little bit confusing for younger kids, but it was a pretty fun read. The jokes were right on elementary level and if any kid wants to be introduced to the original cat gangsta’, Garfield, this is a perfect way to do it with Grumpy Cat.

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