COMIC BOOK REVIEW: Dynamite Comics — Ash vs. The Army of Darkness, Volume 1, #2

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My body is ready for Dynamite Comics, Ash vs. The Army of Darkness, Volume 1, #2. I am a huge Evil Dead fan and as soon as this comic landed in my hands I screamed with joy. This comically gory comic hits the spot and you’ll be glad that you saw it in your local comic book store. I promise you!

The book starts out in Alan Shepherd High School in Dearborn, Michigan.  We see a janitor trying to clean up quite a mess. He’s griping about it, and says, out-loud that he’s just days from retirement. Oh no, well this guy is toast. Of course, after that outburst, which you really should never say if you want to live in any sort of movie, he gets eaten by the dumpster with a huge flurry of blood. The visuals were great on this scene. You could almost feel the obscene amount of blood gushing from the pages.

After this, weird things just start happening at the school. We see a bunch of student complaining to the principal about these happenings and the principal trying to brush it off as pranks gone wrong. In strides Ash! Dramatically ripping the door open and stating that they better get out, or they are all going to die. Damn, he’s got ‘red’ on him already and we haven’t even gotten into killing deadites just yet. The joke is that he got ketchup on him and that tomatoes are good for the prostate… TMI! Ash barks that they have to get weapons and to fight their way out of the school because everything will start to turn on them. He, of course, is right when he tries to leave to get a few things from his car (chainsaw hand, and boomstick, duh!) when the trophy cases attack! The tiny jocks on the trophies come to life and start bashing the kids and Ash with great slapstick fighting that you expect from Evil Dead. 

The kids and Ash defeat the tiny jerk jocks to try to make it out of the school when Ash is clobbered by a deadite janitor. The deadite janitor, Frank, is now in hot pursuit of the kids after knocking Ash out of the picture. They run everywhere in the school throwing all kinds of things at the deadite Frank to try to get away. The artwork is great showing the flurry of panic from the kids trying to shake Frank.

Ash comes to in a science classroom and has a pretty hilarious run in with a skeleton. He tried to make a run for it to find the kids and ends up in an odd dimensional situation. Again, the artwork is fantastic showing this confusion. We cut back to the kids and the principal trying to fight off deadite Frank where there are great fighting scenes. The fighting comes to a head when the principal takes a computer keyboard and smacks deadite Frank across the face as he grabs her by the neck. Ah crap! This gal is going to die! Until Ash comes to the rescue with his boomstick! HELL YEA!

Ash takes off deadite Frank’s hand with his shotgun, and there is so much blood spilling, the whole few pages of tough talk dialog is red. Deadite Frank will not be deterred and continues to run his mouth and head for Ash, until a flurry of bullets come from out of nowhere. We see military guys descend from the windows on repelling ropes with a crap ton of guns.

Wow! That was action packed and blood soaked just the way I like my Ash vs. The Army of Darkness. The book is a solid read and very entertaining. I am very glad that the writers and artists kept it gory and fun just the way anything with Ash should be. Bruce Campbell would be so proud. If you do not pick up this book, I don’t know if we can be friends, because it was awesome and I am looking forward to continuing the series with the next issue Get S.M.A.R.T.

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