Comic Book Review: The Dying and The Dead #1

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Have you ever woke up dead? It’s really annoying: you just lay there and not breath, you start getting kind of smelly because no one has found you yet or cares to do anything about your body. It’s pretty terrible, it’s kind of like the whole dying and dead thing. See what I did there? I put the title of the book we are looking at in a sentence….I’m so lonely. Dying and Dead #1.

Dying and Dead opens up with an old guy getting married to a young woman and then in the middle of sex he gets shot, turns out the woman is some sort of foreign operative, and then she’s shot…and then everyone at the wedding is shot, it’s like I’ve seen this somewhere before (hint it’s Punisher) anyway, flash forward two weeks and we meet two other characters, one is a woman in bandages who’s a potato and then another old guy who goes by Colonel talking to a priest, who leads the Colonel to the river of Styx to the man simply known as The Bishop….alright then.

Dying and Dead is your typical trying to revive your loved one but at a price story, we’ve seen it before and we will constantly see it again. However, since the title is written by a familiar writer as Jonathan Hickman we should expect good things to come out of this title. The art done by Ryan Bodenheim is not very interesting to look at but you can see the detail in the art itself as it ties the story together nicely…it kind of reminds me or East of West a little.

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