Comic Book Review: Devolution

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Raja is on a quest to save humanity from, well, humanity.

Devolution a new book published by our good friends at Dynamite Comics, by Rick Remender, Jonathan Wayshak and Jordan Boyd is an amazing new concept.

Forget the Zombie Apocalypse, or The Rage. DVO-8 is the true threat to the world and to the human race.

Just imagine a world where everything devolves back ten thousand years or more.  Plants animals and of-course, Homo Sapiens.  How crazy would it really be? What horrors could come of the worst Biological weapon in human history.

Well, that’s what you need to find out.

Available 1/20/2016, go out and pick up a copy.  I look forward to reading more of Devolve.


Until next time.

Just Bob


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