Comic Book Review: Deer Editor #3 HACK

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Okay everybody, writer Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kivela yelled at me to take a look at Deer Editor or I would be strangled. Anyway, if anybody recalls I did a Kickstarter promotion of Deer Editor #2 and reviewed #1. So I’m back to take a look at Deer Editor #3!

Deer Editor #3 brings us back to the Sheltered Cove as our favorite anthropomorphic deer news reporter Bucky is ready to beat the crap out of some vampires and save his town..from vampires. Need I say more? Deer Editor is a true what the heck did I just read book, in a brilliant way!

If you are familiar with the Deer Editor series then please read this as it shows how Bucky develops as a character. He becomes aggressive in protecting the town but still does not drive away from his goal of exposing the truth…because he is a reporter first and a slayer last!

I will say Deer Editor #3 is a fun roller coaster that leaves the reader begging for more, writer Ryan K. Lindsay holds your attention with deep writing and interesting dialogue and Sami Kivela gives you some heart fluid motions with his art work, really when Sami Kivela draws it is almost like watching an action movie and this is even concluding such a great series such as Deer Editor. I would recommend this series to anyone who is wanting to support Independent Publishers!