Comic Book Review: Deathstroke Rebirth

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Yes we are doing a lot of Rebirth stuff, but granted there is a TON of ground to cover with Rebirth as it still hasn’t scratched the surface of what it is! This week I took a look at everyones favorite Wilson, Wade…I mean Slade Wilson! That is right, Deathstroke.

Deathstrokes Rebirth starts off with a flash back of him spending quality bonding time with his kids, getting angry at them, beating them with a belt, leaving one of them to freeze to death in the cold..that kind of stuff. We then cut to South Africa..or Africa, which ever and we see Deathstroke striking a deal to assassinate someone..which I won’t spoil because it’s rather trippy!

I was expecting a standard mercenary story line that Deathstroke is usually associated with, but boy was I completely wrong! Deathstroke Rebirth dives into the hard choices of doing a  job for a ton of money or doing the right thing for very little to no money. All while still keeping the profile as the ruthless mercenary you’ve painted yourself to become. Jason Priest makes it feel like Deathstroke can truly shine as a really rich in history character and breathe new life into a character who hasn’t moved anywhere in a very long time.

Jason Paz’s art is what really sets the tone for Deathstroke. The army style blending of colors bring on an almost cinematic feel to the character, allowing yourself to be more immersed by Slade Wilson as a character. Since I’ve always felt that art work can make or break a book (no matter how good the story), Paz’s artwork only helps bring the story to life.

We have been covering a lot of Rebirth and I have to say with each batch it keeps getting stronger!

I have nothing bad to say about Deathstroke Rebirth, so I will say with my Hammer of Justice…grab this title, you won’t be sorry.

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