Comic Book Review: Deathstroke Rebirth

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Having never read any Deathstroke comics before, I wasn’t really sure what I would find.

I will say it’s entertaining.  By that I mean, if I were to compare it to a movie, I would say it’s a rental.  Then again, I’m not the biggest DS fan out there.  I have always been aware of him and what he does, but I never paid too much attention to him.

It was an informative comic by Priest, like a detective novel, but not so James Bond.  Some characters I felt were not developed so well and in some areas a bit confusing to me.  There is action, adventure and a bit of risqué involved.  It’s dark and a little gritty, but I honestly didn’t like it that much.  I felt there were too many flash backs and it lacked something  that I can’t quite put my finger on.

As far as artwork, it was very well done.  Bold strokes and very colorful. A lot of detail and effort went into it’s creation by Carlo Pugulayan, so I definitely can appreciate the hard work put forth.

As I read the latest DC creation, I found myself a bit perplexed and like I said too many flashbacks, making it a bit confusing and irritating, but the clock was ticking and I knew I needed to finish this, I’m sure, labour of love.

Deathstroke himself, looked amazing and very animated and I’m sure that if you are a die hard DS fan, you will appreciate it more than I did.

Overall I would give it about a 5.5 as an average comic, but I’m not rushing out to buy it today.

If you feel so inclined to do so, by all means don’t listen to me and go out a pick up a copy at you local comic stop.

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