Comic Book Review: Death Vigil Volume 1

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Stjepan Sejic

Image Comics

206 pages

For the Death Vigil, actually dying is only part one of the interview process. Membership benefits include permanently bleached hair, sweet duds and immortality. Not to mention you get to live in a nice house with Bernie the Reaper, who enjoys giving warm hugs and head banging to death metal when she thinks no one is looking. Stjepan Sejic’s latest series takes us on a quest to kick some necromancer ass as we follow Clara Jenkins’ troubled induction into the Death Vigil, following her ex-boyfriend’s attempt to sacrifice her so he could unleash a primordial tentacle monster upon the earth. Aided by the Vigil’s veterans Sam, Hugin, James and more, Clara must unlock the power of her mysterious Veil Ripper before the ancient and elusive Pale Court wreaks havoc on the mortal world.

As a long-time follower of Sejic’s work on DeviantArt, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this trade and I was not disappointed. The scope of the book is downright deathly. We’ve got cultic tattoos and apocalyptic prophecies. We’ve got titanic monster fights. We’ve got giant scythes, axes, shovels, and T-Rexes. We’ve got tentacles and teeth and multiple red eyes growing out of places there shouldn’t be any of those things. We’ve got plenty of violence and sick, sick satisfaction. All this nonsense coupled with staggering visuals and snarky, razor-edged writing, Death Vigil has got to be one of my top reads so far this year. Bet your bottom dollar if I weren’t so set on becoming the next Batman, Death Vigil member would be next on my list of dream jobs.