Comic Book Review: Deadpool & Cable – Split Second No.1

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Marvel Comics

Nicieza, Brown, Charalampidis

32 pages

The big guy with the big guns is back in this three-part reboot of one of Deadpool’s most famous partnerships. This time, Deadpool is collaborating with SHIELD against Hydra when Cable, a little grayer and grislier than usual, appears from the future with a warning and a mission: Deadpool’s going to do something stupid that will end the world, so his old partner has come back from the dead to stop him. All the appropriate Deadpoolian shenanigans and dark twist included, Split Second promises to deliver everything fans have come to expect from our trigger-happy merc with a mouth.

Cable’s a little different this time around. For one, he’s lost all of his powers, and has aged quite a bit. Deadpool always found himself on the short end in terms of experience and skill, but their partnership gets turned on its head now that Cable isn’t quite the towering force he once was. We all know Deadpool isn’t exactly the easiest person to keep under control, so I’ll be staying tuned with this one to see how it all turns out. The story takes a 180-degree turn in a direction that will bring things a little too close to home for both of them.

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