Comic Book Review: Dead Canary Comics

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Dead Canary Comics is an independent comic publisher that has a lot to offer. I recently had a chance to sit down with 4 of what they had to offer and, for the most part, had a hell of a time. Nothing is better than discovering a new kick ass comic book…. Maybe discovering a job that pays you to eat pizza and watch cute kitten videos on youtube… Yeah, that is definitely better. Oh well, until I find my pizza/kitten job I will settle for comic books.     Enough jabbering on let’s get to the comics! For more on Dead Canary Comics you can head to their official website by CLICKING HERE.




Written by Rudra Purkayastha

Illustrated by Lyndon White

Once in a while a comic book comes out that makes me rethink the whole premise of what makes a comic book good, or even great. Even if I’m not entirely sure where Cosmic Fish is heading in the big picture, or if it’s only a one shot. Cosmic Fish tells the story of a fish found in a puddle, by a little girl, that eventually grows larger than any container it is put in (a jar, fish bowl, pool, river, ocean, cosmos). The story is about the humanity found in the girl who takes the fish out of the puddle, and how one persons actions can go on to save the world. When the fish is in outer space, it engulfs Earth right before the sun explodes and crumbles the planets of our galaxy. The Cosmic Fish then takes Earth to a different place where it can go on spinning. The closing pages of the book shows another fish in a puddle, but this time it’s a boy who sees it and cooks it.




Written by Matt Fitch & Mark Lewis

Illustrated by Matt Fitch

If you’re looking for a fun, adult comic that doesn’t hold anything back, then this is it. Frogman tells the tale of Freddy Frog, a mild-mannered burger flipper, who dons the title of Frogman at night and hunts criminals. With one part Deadpool, one part Howard the Duck and a healthy mixture of humor found in books like Arsenic Lullaby, Frogman carves out his own corner in the land of great fourth wall-breaking comics. From the opening pages where Frogman stops what he assumes is an alley rape, to where he takes his revenge on the Taxman, this book delivers nonstop fun. As for the art- it is a little cartoony, but it’s not out of place in a book with as much humor as this.




Written by Mark Lewis & Matt Fitch

Illustrated by John Aggs

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they throw in a new artist (again, not that I have anything against the first artist), and tons more graphic violence and nudity! This book illustrates the battle between Frogman and Man-Frog, the mammory obsessed villain who, it turns out, is just trying to find a decent replacement for his dead human mother’s boobs, by taking the breasts of his victims. However, the police think it’s Frogman when they find a froggy footprint on the scene of the opening crime. So the journey to bring down Man-Frog and clear his name both begins and ends in this issue, and is incredibly fun the whole time.




Written by Chris Baker

Illustrated by Charlie Hodgson

What happens when a paramedic awakens at the scene of an ambulance crash and has amnesia? I won’t tell you, because I don’t want to ruin this for anyone. From the opening panels to the closing, you’re taken on one badass ride-along with The Punisher of paramedics. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from this creative team considering both the art and the story are what keeps your eyes peeled to each page. If you’re a fan of the Bourne movies or action/thrillers, you should definitely check this out.

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