Comic Book Review: DC Universe Presents ‘The Return Of Wally West’ Part One

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…..and Poof!  Just like that Wally West is back in a Flash.  .See what I did there?

Yup…I’m lame.


Unlike this latest issue from Dc Universe.  The Return Of Wally West Part One is anything but lame.  Dan Abnett has written something I wasn’t expecting.  Its a Fast read and I Quickly learned some

things, that I hadn’t known before…for instance…Who is?….ahhh..nope no spoilers.  I still enjoy my job very much and don’t want to lose the ability to feed the internets with reviews in Lightning Speed.

..and the horrible jokes keep coming.


If you read Issue one Titans Rebirth, you know that Wally West is back and he has a new uniform.  How did he get it?  Hmmm..I wonder?  Well we can save that for a Future rant.  Baboom! And I’m back.


Ok so here’s the skinny on Part 1.  It’s amazing.  The story is such a fun read.  I enjoy Dan Abnett’s style. Quirky and snarky at the same time. The way he writes his characters really puts me in the drivers seat and I cant’ wait to get to my destination.

The artwork, by Brett Booth is as equally amazing as the story. Everything from the bold flowing lines to the fantastics forshadowing.  They compliment each other very well.  I hope that the future parts of Wally’s story have the same amazing team. They are very cohesive and fluid.  Like an eco system and if you disturb one thing, other parts can wither and fade away like time.

I have to give a shout out to the inker Norm Rapmund and the Colorist Andrew Dalhouse. Wow!  You guys seems to know exactly what Brett is trying to covey and just nailed it man.  I mean hats off to the entire team.  Don’t ever stop what your doing.


Since I can’t give spoilers and unlike magicians. I can’t just make things happen or change with the wave of my wand, I will simply say this.  Go out and get a copy of Titans Rebirth ‘The Return of Wally West’ Part One.


Available today at your local comic-Stop.


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