COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics — Wonder Woman #28

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Your favorite Amazon with the lasso of truth, Wonder Woman, is making her way back to your comic book store with DC Comic’s Rebirth series, Wonder Woman #28 and the story is kind of taking a dark turn. Yes, gang, spoilers are very much ahead so you have been officially warned.

The book opens up on a grieving Wonder Woman. She’s in a graveyard reminiscing about the words her mother told her about war and how each life lost would find peace eventually. The tombstone we see is for a Dr. Crawford. I’m sure we will get more into who this Doctor is. We are then transported to a hospital where Wonder Woman is waiting to receive Commander Candy. You get the feeling that Wonder Woman has taken an extended leave from the battle field to take care of this Commander.

Wonder Woman collects the Commander and we see an exchange about grabbing a hamburger on the way home from the hospital. Great, now I’m hungry.  But aside from that, we get a peek into who this Dr. Crawford was. According to the Commander, Dr. Crawford bombed the Commander’s brother’s wedding. Commander Candy kind of chastizes Wonder Woman for even visiting the gravesite of the horrible woman that put her in the hospital.

Commander Candy gets her hamburger and we see Wonder Woman cleaning dishes. Candy tells her to not worry about it, but Wonder Woman has taken an oath to take care of the Commander for the next six weeks. Now before you loose your shit over Wonder Woman doing dishes, she taking care of the Commander and that involves cleaning up. But, she cracks a dish and the Commander asks her what is wrong and to not take it out on the Corningware. Wonder Woman shows a little bit of emotion saying that she does not want to see the Commander die. Ever. The Commander tells Wonder Woman that it’s okay and to let it out while they hug it out. A nice little emotional side from Wonder Woman is followed by a panel that shows both of the ladies in the crosshairs of, what I assume is, a sniper. Crap!

Alright, that was a pretty damn good cliff hanger right there. You know my love for Wonder Woman is strong and the fact that she is a strong gal with actual feelings makes the story even better in my opinion. That last panel, having Wonder Woman and her friend caught in the crosshairs is extremely unsettling. You know that if this killer is successful, things could come crashing down, so you know I will be back for the next issue.