COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics — The Wild Storm #6

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I’m a sucker for great cover art and the variant cover by Jim Lee for DC Comic, The Wild Storm #6 totally reeled me into this book. I hope to find a very gritty story and I have a feeling that I am not going to be disappointed.

The story opens on a pretty tense situation with the main character. Pistols are already out and there’s a not welcomed knock at the door from a two-person war blade unit that our charter is not too fond of. There is one other friendly character in the apartment with him and she is ready for a possible gun fight too. After our character yells that the door is open and to come on in, we know exactly how this is going to go down.

One of the war blade unit guys tries to very nonchalantly stick his gun silencer in the crack of the door. Our guy is way too smart for that and pops two shots, knee level, at the door. He tags one guy while the other half of the war blade unit crashes through the door using it as a shield from the peppering of bullets. The visuals of the splintering of the wooden door and the bad guy coming through the door are great eye candy as books and other apartment crap starts to fall around this battle.

The fight is really on when the bad guy punches through the door that lands on our character and knocks his gun away. I can’t even imagine the amount of strength needed in order to do any of that, but hey, it looks really cool on the pages that’s for sure. As we are thinking that our character is dunzo, he kicks the door and the bad guy right off him! Talk about strength, damn! Our hero then grabs the bad guy’s wrist with the gun still gripped and gives him a pretty brutal neck pinch. We know it was brutal because it took about four panels to show the savageness of just the pinch move.

There wasn’t a ton of dialogue, but that’s okay. The fight scenes in this book are worth it alone. The Wild Storm #6 is action packed and if you are looking for an intense visual story, you got it with this one.

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