COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics — Deathstroke Defiance #22

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I have to put this out there, I am new to Deathstroke. I have always heard great things, so I snapped up DC Comics, Deathstroke Defiance #22 to get more acquainted. I mean, Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike) has been cast as Deathstroke for the DC Extended Universe, so it can’t be horrible, right?

We start the story in Chinatown. Yep, already very film noir and seedy, just the way Mama likes it. With a murder of a pretty big named drug lord. The cops talk about how the cold body laying face down in a pail of water is an ‘untouchable’ and this is a surprise to everyone. One detective comments that jets from all over will be landing at Laguardia to make this murder right. Quite an ominous warning for the crazy action and possible street war that is about to come to New York.

After that setup, we see a splash of characters in white and black jumpsuits in various scenes of battle and explosions in the background. Damn! We are already off to the action. Huge glass looking guys are shooting beams at the team and saying that they are defying commands. The team of black and white jumpsuited heroes are totally confused and have no idea what is going on and they seem to be fighting for their lives. One svelte gal even exclaims, “where is Deathstroke?!” As the battle continues, one of the teammates, Power Girl, realizes that what they are fighting are beings made of light and goes into a super sciency explanation of why they could not defeat them with traditional means. There’s is a ton of great visuals of the battle happening while Power Girl is yelling to her teammates on how she believes they can defeat the Radiant Men. Then, KRAK! She gets knocked the fuck out.

Well, damn! This Deathstroke is pretty damn action packed and we haven’t even seen the title character just yet! The art moves very well, and the dialog works well too. I typically wouldn’t have picked up this book because I would’ve felt intimidated by the fact that I don’t know enough about the character to enjoy the story, but so far, that hasn’t come into play. I believe I have found a character to add to my pull list.