COMIC BOOK REVIEW: DC Comics — Batwoman #6

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Dark and brooding Batwoman makes her way back to your eyeballs in DC Comics Rebirth Series, Batwoman #6 and boy am I glad we get further into this Batgal’s story. Possible spoilers are ahead, so proceed with caution.

We open up on a big scene of a very dominating looking Batman standing over our Batwoman. She’s remembering this moment as the turning point in her life. I mean, if Batman was standing over me with his cape all blowing in the ever present Gotham super hero-esque wind in the rain, I would have a life changing moment too. Batwoman is narrating that she felt that what Batman stood for is not the same values nowadays.  She wonders that if he knew what was to follow if he would’ve stopped her from taking the symbol of the bat and dragging it into the darkness.

We are introduced to a bad mamajama in a black jumpsuit, cape, and of course a big ass futuristic looking gun standing on the deck of a huge ship.  A one eye-ed, scruffy looking dude comes up and remarks that there has been no response from Batman when it comes to the warning shots that were just fired into a futuristic looking Gotham. This character talks about how she hasn’t set foot onto Gotham soil since she buried Julia in it and with Bruce dead, that the last time the new Batman let her into the city.  Ah man, it just getting good.

I am really getting into the story of Batwoman, so this is a perfect avenue into the full story. I know it was super Batman heavy, but to be honest, you have to set up how the bat-torch was passed and I have a feeling this series will just keep getting better and better.