Comic Book Review: Dark Souls #1

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Titan Comics, Writer: George Mann, Artist: Alan Quah, 41 Pages

You want to know what it is about Dark Souls that I love? Besides the fact that I pop a blood vessel trying to fight a bunny rabbit, it’s a really cool game! So Titan now gained the rights to a comic book and how is it?…It’s not difficult!


We first are introduced to your typical zombie family complaining about death, and then shot quickly over to Aldrich and Fira our two main characters as Fira is slowly losing her memories from the curse of the Labyrinth that holds the dragons tooth they are searching for. According to Aldrich (who’s probably a villain) informs Fira that Augerer the Dragon has a tooth that is in the shape of a jeweled dagger and because adventures need to steal stuff from dragons it must be the right thing to do! So once Fira and Aldrich head deeper into the Labyrinth, Fira is taken over by Augerers illusions and trickery, thus remembering all of her horrible memories and lives! Oh and then after all that…they find Augerers!

The thing about Dark Souls the comic book is: the story is a pretty basic adventure story except the comic is not trying to kill you at every turn, also it’s easier to get through this, than it is the game, it is possible that this comic might give you a paper cut and you might die from it, but that’s about it. I will say the art work is absolutely stunning, it’s gorgeous to look it! In a nutshell I’m saying this comic is just a casual read for anyone interested in Dark Souls or Action Adventure comics.

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