Comic Book Review: Dark Fang #1

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Ever wonder what it would be like if you were a vampire that wanted to save the environment? What if your dress was a jellyfish ? If you answered yes to these two questions then Dark Fang is for you! Sink your teeth into the environment!..I’ll see myself out.

Dark Fang follows Valla, a vampire from hundreds of years ago who decides to seek revenge against an evil being known as The Darkness and what does she do to combat this evil? She decides to become a cam girl..

Simply put Dark Fang, the book brings a new direction in delivering the message about the destruction of our Earth but doesn’t overpower. Miles Gunter makes Valla likable with her Little Mermaid/Vampire bubbly but murderous personality, she makes for a refreshing transition from our standard dark and chaotic Vampire, instead, Valla has a mission, she wants to survive, but she also wants the earth to survive.

Kelsey Shannon’s cartoony colorful art style flows so wonderfully with the story unfolding, her ability to make our scenes pop and glow catches you just staring at the pages in awe as you dive into the environmentally friendly book that is Dark Fang.

Dark Fang is not without its flaws, at some points I did find myself confused, Valla’s cam girl plan to make money and murder is clever, but as a way to save the environment is a little farfetched, but I didn’t find myself turned off by the concept as it’s rather well done, it’s silly and entertaining. The environmental story might make you cringe a little as some social justice books are in your face and maybe later on in the series it could be but the first issue its subtle and again…fun.

I would recommend Dark Fang for those looking for something unique, but at the same time feel like we should wait till the second issue to see how the story unfolds, yes it’s about this vampire fighting pollution but what more can there possibly be? So for me.I give this book an 8/10

Sink your teeth into this fun and exciting environmental horror story!..It’s coming together..

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