Comic Book Review: Dark Corridor #1

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Sometimes I run out of things to say….

Dark Corridor opens up in Red Circle, a place where the crime runs wild and the poor are poor. We are introduced to Pete a hitman who hasn’t had a job in a long time, he is greeted by a wild pit-bull with knife marks all over his face. So, for some reason he decides to find out who did this to the flea bag, and what better way then to find that out then to see if the dog is racist…no really…go read it, it’s really awkward. After that long haul we discover that the dog belonged to the biggest gambling ring family in the city the Scalina Family and they became currently dead. So what does a hitman who’s totally broke do in a time of discovery like this? If you guessed gather three friends and divide up the loot of the now Deady McDeads then you are absolutely right! You win a cookie….I ate the cookie. But the biggest question remains: who killed those two? And does anyone really care? No…nobody does, also there’s a second story about a deadly assassin daughter, but you can read that one yourself, it’s pretty good.

So, to say the least this is something I’d recommend for someone who is interested in mystery and criminal situations, I’ll probably continue reading it to see where it goes since it’s a little bit more of a curiously thing. The letter from the author Rich Tommaso (I really wish his last name was Tomato) states that it’s going to be a lot like the Twilight Zone where it’s broken up into different stories, so we will see how that goes. Rich also does the art for it..which is kind of basic and seems  little out of place, however I’m a little intrigued by this title, so lets keep reading.

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