Comic Book Review: Dante, One Shot

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Today we will be taking a look at a One-Shot book, Dante…I’ve got nothing today.

Dante opens up with your average fancy Spanish night club, we get a rather charming narration from our main character Dante, he talks about how he is the best assassin and a legend at that, but by day he is a family man who works selling airplane parts! Which, sounds way lamer than being an assassin. Dante, after collecting his reward he is eventually sent to a job that goes south…that’s when Dante becomes cursed with tattoos all over his body after he accidentally kills an Asian child, but what could this curse mean?

When going into Dante I advise not expect a masterpiece. Dante is a character we have seen before, nothing actually happens to Dante in order to feel a true connection to him, his character does not slow down with what is happening, instead, he jumps around like Liam Nesson in Taken. But that does not mean that the book isn’t good.

Dante if I could classify it, would be a comic that someone just getting into the comic book world would probably enjoy. The book is harmless in the sense that it tells an almost complete story in just one book, so new readers won’t be under any pressure to buy the next issue to complete the story. Yet, Dante does feel like it should be more than just one 52 page read.

I am a little disappointed to be giving this such a review, Jason Ning was the primary writer and appeared to be his first book, so well done for your first try, what really makes me sad is Matthew Hawkins wrote The Tithe which was absolutely brilliant and Darick Robertson’s artwork is some of my favorite and it is still stunning even when drawn into a mediocre book. Once again, Dante is not necessarily bad, but it is something that we have seen time and time again and our hero is kind of one-dimensional action hero.


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