Comic Book Review: D4VE #1

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if robots were human they’d act like us, only robotic and less sexy kind of like Bob or Frank or Bub or Jay…or anyone associated with Slack Jaw Punks, and now I made myself sad, it’s going to be a lonely lonely night.

D4VE follows the story of D4VE (or DfourVE) as we learn that robots have taken over the entire galaxy and just sort of became humans, however D4VE was once a brave security bot who fought incredible battles, is now your typical joe schmo that works as an everyday water plant worker, this is some deep and meaningful stuff right here! D4VE lives his life as a sad old depressed man robot as he is day dreaming about his days back during invasions and all ramboness! Which is now a word.

Some fun stuff going on here, D4VE is different from your typical science fiction stories, set instead of a terminator like style it’s really just you every day life with robots. Ryan Ferrier writes D4VE as a silly adventurous immature character but still likable. The only thing I can really criticize about this book (and this is coming from a guy who doesn’t care to much for sci-fi) is the art work Valentin Ramon is great don’t get me wrong but…I kind of wish we could see some more stylish robots and see just a little bit more of the world. With that being said, yes..yes please more.

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