Comic Book Review: Cutter #4

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Cutter…Cutter…Cutter…no matter how many times you say it, it still sounds like an Emo Band name. Cutter continues on with it’s bi weekly series with issue #4, and this book just gets more and more strange as you read each issue…which makes it fantastic!

Cutter #4 follows up with our main hero Jeremy discovering who the Cutter truly is, without spoiling the big reveal it’s pretty much an old twist that hasn’t been in the light since 90’s slasher movies. Napton and Fahey can really spin a love letter to those cheesy movies  and still make you continue begging for a little bit more each time.

In the end the best part still in this comic is the art work, Mann House can really bring in that sin city feeling with it’s black and white style and dark undertones without going over board on the detail, which makes everything in the book tie together into a pleasant little package of blood and gore. However though sometimes it would be nice to have distinguishing characters so you can tell them apart. But nobody stays on the pages for very long for anyone to really care.

All and all Cutter #4 is something that should be recommended to those who still want a classic slasher film…with just the right amount of twists and turns to satisfy everyone!

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