Comic Book Review: Cry Havoc

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Cry Havoc, a new comic brought to you by Image comics is amazing.

The writing by Simon Spurrier (Judge Dredd,  Ghost Rider, Punisher War Journal Annual #1), not to mention a few Warhammer 40k novels, did a superb job with this latest story.  The manner in which he constructed this comic, sort of reminds me of Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino.  You will understand when you read it as to why.

Art done by Ryan Kelly (Lucifer #5-75 Vertigo Comics), was amazingly done.  It’s dark, it’s dirt and I love it.

Set in today’s world, it is about @#$#%$#%^#%&@%$&@%$%!#%#$%@^$^E%^#^%**^&#^.  Psyche your mind. No

Anyway, I highly recommend this wonderful comic, which will be made available January 27, 2016 at your local comic stop.

Pick it up, you will not regret it.


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