Comic Book Review: Copperhead #5

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Originally I was going to do this series for my Comic Book Gem segment…but because it’s going on midnight and my hot coco is getting cold we are going to take a look at a series that should be peaking a lot of peoples interest…Copperhead #5.

Quick recap Copper head follows the story of Sheriff Bronson where she travels to an alien planet to a town called Copperhead, a small poor western style town kind of like Tatooine…Star Wars…Luke Skywalker, anyway she meets up with her partner a giant talking space gerbil named Budroxifinicus or Boo for short by the Sheriffs standards. As we move into the book we meet a family of aliens who were murdered, I guess you could say we met them.

Copperhead #5 fills us in with the whole murder of the Sewell family (the aliens that were murdered in the first book) we meet the artificial human who is a peace keeper between the Natives and the town Copper head. Sheriff Bronson confronts the artificial human Ishmael and decides to bring him in for questioning, turns out that there is one other Sewell family child still alive and has stolen the sacred treasure the Swavash…which is kind of like a religious mumbo jumbo symbol..what could possibly happen with our Sheriff, her Gerbil partner and the Artificial human after discovering all that?…find out…read..

Copperhead is a legit series, Jay Faerber develops a story that is easy to follow but each and every character has their own set of charm, the story is a little cliche with the Sheriff and Deputy not getting along but still develop a great chemistry together. The art by Scott Godlewski makes you immersed into the book with it’s bright colors but creative tones and interesting designs.

Copperhead is a series you don’t want to miss.