Comic Book Review: Citizen Jack #1

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If Violator decided to run for President, I’m pretty sure this is how he’d do it….Citizen Jack #1

We start off with meeting our hero, a loose term if you will: Jack Northworthy who is yelling at a snow plow guy to keep the snow where it is…ookay, turns out Jack is a man down on his luck who was once a rising star in Hockey but crashed and burned after an injury. Which in return gives him a weird demon like thing known as Marlinspike that follows him around…what? Marlinspike makes him a deal, if Jack agrees to do what he says, then Marlinspike will make him President of the old Red, White and Blue! But of course he has to hilariously embarrass himself on national tv, which gives him the laughing stock of Dumbass of the Day, oh and for some reason theres a talking dolphin as a new reporter..sure why not.

The story is a little cliche, a man who’s hit rock bottom and in return ends up becoming a villain or just making matters worse as he agrees to do a demons bidding. Sam Humphries is the writer, he does a great job keeping the story entertaining and interesting enough to hold your attention. Tommy Patterson does the art work and it’s okay, I love the sketchy art styles but this one on occasion feels like everything just blends into the background, I don’t know..I’m kind of on the fence with this one. If you’re a beginner into comic books I’d recommend it, but if you’re looking for something new..I’m not really sure if this is the best, maybe the next issue will seal the deal!

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