Comic Book Review: The Chronicles Of Legion Volume Two, The Spawn Of Dracula

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Sadly, I was not given the opportunity to read the first volume.  That being said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this title.  Written by Fabien Nury. You may not know who Fabien is and you may know exactly who he is.  He has written mostly French Comic Series beginning with I am Legion. Which, If I am not mistaken is the pre-cursor to this series. It’s a solid story.  Definitely a different take on the Dracula storyline and legend.

The art work has been very well done by three different persons.  Mario Alberti, a Veteran in the comic book industry, better known for his work on titles suck as Nathan Never, Morgana and Redhand.  Not to mention his most notable work on DC covers. The rest of the artwork has been done by two others.  Zhang Xiaoyu, whom I was not able to get much info on and Tirso, whom you can find out more in this link  Very interesting interview.

Right from the start, the book encapsulates you and draws you into the world of Vlad Tepes and his lesser known brother Radu.  I won’t give it away, as you know, I don’t like to do that and it makes the readers of my review want to go buy the volumes that I write for.  Titan Comics was wise in hiring these fellows to write this series.  It seems that, it’s not the fact that Dracula is immortal, it’s how he is truly immortal.  The way he is eternal is an amazing and brilliant.  I never thought of it in this way and I’m one of  the biggest Dracula Legend fans you will ever meet.  I love the script and the art is vibrant and very interestingly done.

I plan on running out this weekend, when I have the chance and pick up the first volume, so that I may get the beginning straight.


I look forward to reading more of this series in the future and I also recommend you run out and pick up this and the first title ( The Three Lives Of Dracula ) and you can count on my reviews to follow as soon as I get my hands on more.


Until Next time.

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