Comic Book Review: CHEW: Demon Chicken….POYO!

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Yes.  As you all know Poyo recently died, but do you know what happened afterward?   No?

See. This is why you need to pick up the latest edition of CHEW : Demon Chicken POYO.  How did Poyo get his amazing skills? What made him the most badass experimental chicken in the entire universe and multiverse?

What the hell is a Grumpass, who the fuck is Agarafelgor and why the hell is old Saint Nick a total douche? All these question and more can be answered, by simply going to your local comic stop and treating yourself to something awesome.


Twas the day of the new POYO and all was new.

When someone realized that something was a brew.

He looked in his email

and what a surprise

He found that the new CHEW was

on the horize

He rushed to the spot, where he gets all his books

and saw that Image that has the bestest looks

Anxious to read this lad was

he didn’t hesitate to read as fast as he could

When suddenly Hurray! Poyo was back

Back to kicking ass of every ass hat

There were space demons and Elvis’ alike

Poyo simply said Bkawk!


That’s as far as can go without losing it..LOL

Truly an amazing issue of CHEW. I am so glad and thankful that our friends at Image put up with our shenanigans and give us shit to read and review.

If I took anything from this latest masterpiece from John Layman and Rob Guillory it was this;  They fucking rock!

I could not put this book down. I think I finished in record time, considering finals week (sucks).

The imagery and story were solid as usual and I cannot wait to read more of Poyo A.D. (After Death)


Like I said, do yourself a favor and go get it now.  It’s available everywhere today.


Until next time,




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