Comic Book Review: Cannibal #1

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Words cannot described the epic, blood thirsty, silliness I just read and it is October and that gives every person to remember that Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas are films, I’ll be here reading Cannibal.

This book right out the gate is something that someone would gloss over when searching the comic shops. This series follows a group of bayou people somewhere in Florida in the year 1994, because Florida is just one giant piece of land with no geographical things, just a date! A hundred year old strain of Yellow Fever has been running rampant after a hurricane and infects quite a bit of the population, so what does the government do? Why release a cure that makes some people crave human flesh. Because America! But unlike zombies, these cannibals are everyday people, meaning they think, feel and have remorse!

Cannibal charges headfirst in the lead as a solid comic book, it immerses you completely into the atmosphere of the bayou, leaving you in suspense when the next cannibalistic attack will happen! Writers Jennifer Young and Brian Buccellato bring a brilliant spine chilling read to the table with a brand new twist on “zombies.” Cannibal brings its psychological horror together with it asking the question of how do you live yourself as a cannibal and still maintain your psyche. The book ties itself together with art work from Matias Bergara, it is simplistic but very ominous with lots of yellows and browns to capture the pandemic that is lurking in the Florida bayou.

The only real negative thing I can say about this series is, it is definitely not for everyone. The story is a little hard to swallow as it does not follow the traditional style of movies, books or comics that are about cannibalism. Most cannibal genres depict cannibals are crazy psychotic evil people, but this book digs deep into your mind and asks “What happens if you don’t have a choice?” However…

I will flat out say Cannibal is by far the most interesting zombie series I have read in a very long time. I’ll be putting this series on my pull list and following it closely and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a bone chilling series to sink their teeth into, for this Halloween season!