Comic Book Review: Book of Death: Fall of Harbinger #1

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Yeah know what I like about Valiant? You can pick up any book you want and still know what is going on, there are know different universes, cross overs are all continuity, and there’s a little bit of something for everything! With the being said Book of Death has been a great read, and now with the tie ins popping up, I thought I’d check on out…so here’s Fall of Harbinger #1.

We open up our fine super hero story with Peter Stanchek aka The Omega, racing away from earth (he’s in space!) and he’s flying to his death, we flash back to before Peter leaving earth and we open with the Bleeding Monk has bled to death..ookay. How that doesn’t mean that he didn’t leave a message, as Peter meets with a man named Curtis, he’s informed that a man known as Harada is returning to earth and he’s more powerful than he has ever been before, and once he hits earth…it’s “Finality.” Just to be clear…this is all in the first seven pages!

I always regret not reading the Harbinger title from Valiant when it was released. What sets this book up for success is that there is action right from the get go, just seeing one of the most immortal beings die is impactful and enough to suck a reader in, You also don’t need to read Book of Death (I recommend it though) to understand this premise. Josh Dysart writes a “wonderful” event as the world completely crumbles, and with Kano picking up the art it matches the tone of a very dark way. If you’re looking for a title from Valiant, The Book of Death tie ins are as strong as the main story!

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