Comic Book Review: Book of Death #1

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Yeah know what I really like about Valiant? It’s all set in the same universe no matter what you’re reading, and you can pick up any series and still understand what’s going on in the other series. Valiant is releasing a new cross over event, kindly named Book of Death! Which now that I think about it…that’s not really a happy title.

Book of Death tells the tale of Tama a young geomancer (people with the power to control nature) and she’s under the protection of Gilad A.K.A the Eternal Warrior, after being accused of killing hundreds of people with magical tree growing powers! However she wasn’t the cause, and yet Neville Alcott head of M-I6 and Jamie Capshaw head of GATE don’t believe a word of it…because like a long standing alley of both parties would just lie. So they send X-O ManOWar after Eternal Warrior to convince him to give Tama up and turn himself in. But yea know what? Eternal Warrior was having none of that sass and explains that Tama is the prophet that predicts the death and destruction of the entire Valiant Universe….which from what our lawyers  and some brief Wikipedia research…tell us..its a bad thing.

Book of Death is a fantastic read, Robert Venditti really knows how to do an awesome cross over event and making it seem like you know exactly what’s going on, without requiring to read a lot of other tie-ins like most comic series now days! Robert Gills art is a solid artist making it a very pleasant book to look at and at the same time being able to capture the emotions of the characters. I recommend Book of Death to anyone interested in looking at Valiant.

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