Comic Book Review: Blue Beetle Rebirth

In Comic Books, DC Comics by Iron Squid2 Comments

Jamie Reyes is a great Blue Beetle, although Ted Kord was the one who got me started on BB. I was excited to learn Blue Beetle Jamie was back after the disappearance of the New 52. That said let’s take a Look at Blue Beetle Rebirth!

Blue Beetle Rebirth has an interested premise of both Ted Kord (second Blue Beetle) and Jamie (Current) working together and analyzing the suit on what it can do. It is completely new technology for Jamie and Ted and watching them test it out by beating up two villains is a bit of an interesting time. Ted and Jamie have some great dialogue together, when they banter it is hilarious.

But I feel like there are a lot more questions than there are answers in this series. Who is Jamie? What is this suit? Where has Ted Kord been? These are just a few questions I had coming from a new readers stand point.

I’ll also point out that the twist at the end is SUPER confusing to new and even old readers, but I won’t explain why because it gives away an exciting character! But all and all I just don’t feel like it made to much of an impact on me. I was left with a ton of questions and little to know actual development on the characters.