Comic Book Review: Blue Beetle #1

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Do you hate when you are minding your own business and you wake up with an evil “alien” scarab on your back that can turn into a mech suit?  So do I. But this doesn’t stop our hero Blue Beetle from being an evil “alien” scarab wearing teenager that gives him a mech suit.

Blue Beetle #1 I had some much hype for after the decent Rebirth title released last month. This title really does not accomplish anything at all and I have little to say about it. Jamie Reyes and Ted Kord are out to investigate a missing persons case that might be linked to a Meta-Human, also there is some brief mentioning of Doctor Fate.

Have you ever built an ice sculpture, got about half way done, left it and then tried to come back to it, only to lose all creativity and ended up turning it into a block of wood? Yeah, that is Blue Beetle #1, we open up to kind of where the Rebirth title left off with Doctor Fate coming in and informing Ted that the Scarab is magic, which is great. But right after that we are completely thrown into a different story premise that does not appear to be consistent with what happened! It feels almost as if they forgot what they were doing in the Rebirth title and just started over with this as their Rebirth title.

The only thing I can really say is that out of every series I have read so far with the Rebirth, Blue Beetle feels like it does not answer the questions we are hoping for and feels like a repeat of the Rebirth title. That does not mean that the title is bad, the art work is still very beautiful and captures the action sequences perfectly and feels like you are flying next to the Magical Alien Mech Suit…MAMS. Blue Beetles story just feels weak compared to the other titles and as much as I want to like it, I found myself getting really distracted and really hard to type this review.