Comic Book Review: Bitch Planet #1

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Have you ever had one of those days where you end up in a prison that’s a planet that’s full of women? Really? You have!? The psych ward is that way buddy, because you were probably reading Bitch Planet Issues #1…or you had drugs…either one of those is a great excuse.

Bitch Planet is what Tim Burtons Planet of the Apes should have been…except with less apes and more women, or yea know Island of the Beautiful Women! Bitch Planet is about an entire planet that is rigged to be a prison for women for some unexplained reason. It doesn’t introduce a real clear main character until the very end, since it would be considered a spoiler we won’t say anything until you go out of your way to read it, or look at the pictures if you can’t read.

This is a book that could be targeted towards the female population, but this title completely negates that and makes it for both genders to enjoy, really it could remind some readers of Y the Last Man which we haven’t seen a compared book in a really long time. This book we should call this the “feminist book” that we have all been waiting for!

KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (because her name is always in caps for some reason), does the story and the only thing that should be said is that it really captures your attention with light humor and a big premise, hopefully this book turns into a mind warping series! VALENTINE DE LANDRO does the art and the great thing about this is the art is a nod to the classic style of art considering he also does the current X-factor series.


With that said read this series….because everyone needs a Bitch Planet.