Comic Book Review: Birthright Issues #1

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Have you ever had one of those days where you run into a forest after a baseball and end up appearing in a bizarre magical fantasy land: where you are the Chosen One and must destroy the evil king in order to save the entire kingdom? Well that’s exactly what happened to our hero Mikey, before returning home to his now broken family.


Our story unfolds like any typical day, Mikey is playing catch with his dad in the park near some woods. Mikey disappears into the woods never to return. His father (Aaron) is accused of Mikey’s murder is now an alcoholic, his mother (Wendy) divorced and his brother (Brennan) suffering at the disappearance. However, Aaron gets a startling message from the police that a big burley Conan the Barbarian reject is claiming to be their son!

What sets Birthright apart from other fantasy based stories is the turmoil that happens to a family when a child goes missing. Birthright focuses primarily on the family falling apart before diving lightly into what truly happened to Mikey. Writer: Joshua Williamson and Artist: Andrei Bressan paint a picture so heart wrenching and detailed that it makes reader ask questions and beg for more of this dark fantasy style comic book.

Also, who doesn’t want to see a Conan the Barbarian style reject barreling through a small suburban town fighting ogres and dragons!?


Look for Birthright #1 in your local comic shop today!

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