Comic Book Review: Birthright #3

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Hulking barbarian men running around with a small child sounds very creepy and uncomfortable, but with Birthright it just seems so natural, and now the FBI are at my door. But maybe if we tell them about this latest issue, they will understand.

Birthright still continues to pack a punch when it comes to a solid fantasy meets reality story. Mikey and Brennan along with their “some reason believe everything” dad are now on the run from the FBI because that’s what happens when a magical armor wearing meat head beats the crap out of law enforcement. We also get another flash of Mikey in the wonderful world of D&D and we get a great glimpse of the villain, though we never find out her name: she has enough power to melt a baby….fuzzy bear thing.

Birthright really doesn’t need much of an explanation except that each issue so far has been a great build up to a hopefully even greater story of action and more action! The only thing that it should start doing is defining more character development for the other fantasy based characters and possibly focus more on that world just for the sake of development. However, I still recommend Birthright to any reader who’s wanting a great story and art work….now if you excuse me I have to register myself.

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