Comic Book Review: Birthright #2

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Birthright is one of those books that you will take one look at the cover and say “Looks like your typical Conan the Barbarian fantasy story,” well my friend I’d hit you with a bat if you said that in front of me because truth be told this comic book is literally if an evil He-man decided to pose as a good guy and appear in our current time period.

Birthright #2 kicks right off with our little…big Mikey still hand cuffed to a chair like some sort of freak! He continues to try and convince his family that he is still in fact their son he once was, except he isn’t! He’s a giant hulking man who killed dragons and giants! Anyway, we move along and discover a little bit more about how Mikey became (with lots and lots of bird people!) the warrior he is and get a glimpse as to why he is back. It turns out there are five evil mages lurking in their world and Mikey was sent to stop them…sort of.

Birthright continues to surprise and delight with trying to figure out: What is this evil Lore that continues to be mentioned throughout the series? How did Mikey become a Fallen Hero? Will the Orc ever get some real food? Truthfully these questions and more will be answered in upcoming books…and I can’t wait!

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