Comic Book Review: Big Man Plans

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………what?…..I’m starting to question the comic book industry. Granted, I’m just a small squishy tentacle thing that cries softly into his pillow. But regardless: What the heck is Big Man Plans!?

Big Man Plans is literally about a dwarf who grows up on a farm and then gets thrown into a top secret organization to become a midget Captain America. He is then kicked out of the project as he realizes he isn’t Captain America, and goes into an alcoholic rampage throughout the towns, as people make fun of him for his short stature. It’s…a very simple and hysterical premise.

You’ll probably recognize the name of the writer as that one guy who does the Goon…Eric Powell, if you haven’t heard of him, you’re a poor soul. Eric makes this little (pun!) ridiculous concept and turns it into a dark revenge drama that makes you asking for more, Eric also does the art where he gives us a gritty and almost cynical art style. Tim Weisch co-writes and he used to be a brick layer….creepy. But he’s cool too! In a nut shell BIG MAN PLANS IS AWEOSME!


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