Comic Book Review: Big Man Plans #3

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I’ll reiterate my last statement…Big Man Plans.

Big Man Plans #3 is exactly like the first two books: it opens up with him little man cutting off a dudes penis after attempting to molest a 9 year old..okay maybe not completely like the first two. We dive more into the little mans head and discover that all of his life he was teased, beaten, bruised and completely disowned by his family. We meet the orphanage nurse who was the one protecting him most of his time as a lone boy. It’s really just a book leading up to a build up…

In the end there still isn’t much to say about this book except it being a story of a midget going on a rampage and leading up to how he became this great great warrior.  The art work is still beautiful to look at and Eric Powell and Tim Wiesch are brilliant in telling this revenge thriller, my real complaint is if recommending this to someone they might not get into it with it being a very slow build up. However, I’d recommend anyone who is looking for a blood bath.

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