Comic Book Review: Beautiful Canvas #3

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It is no surprise that Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kivela are two of my favorite power house duos when it comes to crafting interesting and original ideas, so when I sank my teeth into Beautiful Canvas #1 and #2, they were…beautiful? So, #3 has just hit the shelves and well…

Mild Spoilers Ahead:

Beautiful Canvas starts with a weird cliff hanger cop out as Lon is jumping out the window to save a boy who also jumped out the window at the end of the second issue, from there we get the boy rampaging and setting things on fire and killing people, our antagonist Milla essentially gloating about how she’s amazing for wanting to spread chaos and Eric who…likes to record things and complain a lot. It’s a quite a bit to keep track of, but what sets this story apart is each character is likable and co-inside with each other, even though they are not completely interacting with each other, which makes our story blend wonderfully together.

Speaking of story, Beautiful Canvas paints exactly what it wants to be, although at times I am left having slightly more questions than answers when it comes to the actual plot, which could discourage some readers to be turned off, it does do a fantastic job building up to make you want to continue on with the series as, since issue #1, it has always been a strong title. Beautiful Canvas is not a straight shot hitman/woman story it appears it will be a slow burn with a very likable ending.

I have to say Beautiful Canvas so far has been a whirlwind of creativity and risks, the fact that Ryan and Sami can blend together so many genres and make them work speaks volumes on how much time they take to craft a quality book such as Beautiful Canvas. Ryan K. Linsay and Sami Kivela are a powerhouse duo when it comes to creating fresh material and Beautiful Canvas still holds that bar.