Comic Book Review: Beautiful Canvas #1

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Black Mask Studios Launches their first ever comic book from Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kivela, Beautiful Canvas, at first you’ll probably look at this book and think it is your typical hitman/revenge plot cliche book that we have seen time and time again, well…you’re half right, it’s about a hitwoman and not a hitman. But just how good is Ryan K. Lindsay and Sami Kivela new book?

Lon Eisley is a hitwoman. While dealing with the shock of discovering her girlfriend is pregnant, Lon gets hired for a new assignment: to kill a small child. In a bold declaration of uncertainty, she saves the boy and hits the road, despite the fact, her boss clearly wanted him dead for a reason, there is also some weird mutant hybrid things and someone throws a carrot as a weapon. It’s all in the book.

Beautiful Canvas is weird, psychologically thrilling and a gruesomely fun time! The book is unlike any other series you’ve read about a hitwoman and mutants! Ryan K. Lindsay’s writing may confuse you at first glance but the very first sentence “You’re over thinking it” allows you to grasp that this book is going to raise more questions than answers and that is what makes the book fun, if you stop and read the book for what it is, the entire story changes into a love story, an action-packed adventure, something about mutants and hitmen and so much more.

Sami Kivela crafts a colorful edgy experience that blends amazingly in with Ryan K. Lindsays intricate and brutal story, his rough sketching and color schemes make it a wild ride.

I would recommend Beautiful Canvas to anyone looking for a new and strange experience to add to their comic book collection.